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Day 4 of the $10 million guaranteed KO Series saw another 15 champions crowned, and while none of the members of Team partypoker managed to get their hands on a title, Louise Butler made it to the final table of very tough tournament.

KO Series #19-H: $50K Gtd [6-Max Fast] NL Hold’em

  • Buy-in: $100+$9
  • Entrants: 453
  • Prize pool: $50,000
  • Places paid: 60

Team partypoker’s Louise “lou045” Butler navigated her way to the final table of the K Series #19-H: $50K Gtd [6-Max Fast] NL Hold’em event on February 28 an while she fell just short of taking down the tournament, the partypoker lady did manage to enjoy a solid return on her $109 investment.

Butler eventually fell in fourth place and netted $1,996 in prize money. Thanks to sending four opponents to the rail on her journey to the final table, Butler also secured $365 in bounty payments. There’s no doubt that Butler, along with the rest of the partypoker ladies, will be vying to win all three of the KO Series Ladies Events on March 4th; they have buy-ins of $5.50, $22 and $109 and combined guaranteed of $17,000.

Congratulations to “solukybaby” who banked $5,305 for winning this event and an additional $4,232 in bounty payments.

Place Player Prize Bounties Bounty payment
1 solukybaby $5,305 11 $4,232
2 serenita94 $3,938 14 $1,487
3 fviana $2,830 11 $931
4 lou045 $1,996 4 $365
5 AntiReapCity $1,422 5 $356
6 y5642482893 $902 10 $598

KO Series #18-HR: $100K Gtd [6-Max] NL Hold’em

  • Buy-in: $500+$30
  • Entrants: 236
  • Prize pool: $118,000
  • Places paid: 30

If you ever needed proof that progressive KO can be extremely profitable drop a line to “Alien_Army” who won the $530 buy-in KO Series #18-HR: $100K Gtd [6-Max] NL Hold’em last night. Not only did he collect $13,865 for winning the tournament, he managed to secure a cool $11,687 more because he eliminated six opponents.

Even the runner-up, “VamasAlaPlayaR” scooped $4,781 in bounty payments to go with his $9,145 prize money!

Place Player Prize Bounties Bounty payment
1 Alien_Army $13,865 6 $11,867
2 VamosAlaPlayaR $9,145 8 $4,781
3 Pider Ninni $6,501 12 $3,570
4 Tartaruga13 $4,749 10 $3,210
5 HeavenlyFather $3,540 3 $968
6 icallyou4ever $2,360 6 $1,992

$10M Gtd KO Series Day 4 Results

Event Champion Prize Bounty payments
KO Series #016-M: $20K Gtd [6-Max Slow]] pasametufichas $2,932 $2,577
KO Series #16-L: $10K Gtd [6-Max Slow] CrazyRocky95 $1,084 $827
KO Series #16-Mi: $5K Gtd [6-Max Slow] Ragazzi33 $326 $217
KO Series #17-H: $50K Gtd [6-Max] Drulitooo $5,457 $6,113
KO Series #17-M: $20K Gtd [6-Max] Alwayswinz $2,245 $1,120
KO Series #17-L: $10K Gtd [6-Max] Araforr $686 $533
KO Series #17-Mi: $5K Gtd [6-Max] awlos33 $444 $110
KO Series #18-HR: $100K Gtd [6-Max] Alien_Army $13,865 $11,867
KO Series #18-H: $100K Gtd [6-Max] marigoli $7,703 $6,203
KO Series #18-M: $50K Gtd [6-Max] Eidur888 $3,583 $2,161
KO Series #18-L: $20K Gtd [6-Max] Gascoyne1000 $1,306 $215
KO Series #18-Mi: $10K Gtd [6-Max] germantorino $1,042 $163
KO Series #19-H: $50K Gtd [6-Max Fast] solukybaby $5,305 $4,232
KO Series #19-M: $20K Gtd [6-Max Fast] Matheusin19 $1,711 $1,047
KO Series #19-L: $10K Gtd [6-Max Fast] baba_kappa $881 $506
KO Series #19-Mi: $5K Gtd [6-Max Fast] LuckyTea $572 $115
KO Series #20-M: $10K Gtd [6-Max Turbo] OddsetAli $1,940 $1,214
KO Series #20-L: $5K Gtd [6-Max Turbo] IdestroyU $662 $696
KO Series #20-Mi: $2K Gtd [6-Max Turbo] zdzich1 $156 $118

KO Series Championship Events

Six more Championship Events are scheduled to take place on Sunday 4th March. Buy-ins start from $2.20 and increase to $5,200. Check the partypoker tournament lobby for all of the available satellites.

Championship Event Date Buy-in Guarantee
KO Series #37-HR Sunday 4th March $1,050 $500,000
KO Series #38-SHR Sunday 4th March $5,200 $1,000,000
KO Series #38-H Sunday 4th March $215 $1,000,000
KO Series #38-M Sunday 4th March $55 $100,000
KO Series #38-L Sunday 4th March $11 $50,000
KO Series #38-Mi Sunday 4th March $2.20 $20,000

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