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We’ve all been there, the virtual face-plants, the “OMG WTFs”, and the old “HOW DID HE CALL WITH THAT!?”. Those wild and crazy moments in our poker playing lives. Sometime you just have to let them go. Really you do. And sometimes you need to make an amusing collection of gifs out of the situation. So here’s our take on some of our roller coaster moments.

1. Here’s to the ones who just can’t fold. “But…….It was suited!!!!……” you hear them cry….


2. When you get your last chance bluff past that bully at your table



3. When you just can’t lose an All-In


4. When someone says “Omaha? Sure it can’t be that different right?”



5. When you’re on tilt and someone asks “How it’s going?”


6. When that random donk is talking shit and you say “come on…heads up” 


7. When someone just has to tell you their fricking bad beat story…




9. Finally when the fish sits down…


10. And yes we mean everyone on a Sunday just before the bubble is about to pop for a live event package!

Here’s to an awesome week in poker! Good luck and enjoy the game!

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The all new partypoker has introduced a new Sunday tournament schedule. The key changes are the addition of an action-packed fun $10K Super Bounty and a wide range of new low buy-in tournaments featuring the best of the old but also new speed, rebuy, add-on and PLO tournaments – a great Sunday mix if you want to win top prizes and have fun playing tournament poker.

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  1. LOL!
    These pictures are great…
    Really describe my online poker experience. I’ve only recantly started to play at Caesars Casino online.