Mosconi Cup

From its humble origins in 1994 as an exhibition event for the fledging sport of 9-ball pool, the Mosconi Cup has grown to be the biggest international team event in cue sports. Every year, five of the best professional players from Europe take on their American counterparts over four exciting days in a Ryder Cup-style series of singles and doubles matches - the winning team being the first to reach 11 points.

Featuring the biggest names from both sides of the Atlantic, the Mosconi Cup has witnessed many of the sport’s crowning moments over the years as players have felt the intense pressure of the event and crumbled - or delivered career-defining performances.

The players are selected via two ranking lists that encompass all the major events in the season and the ‘Race to the Mosconi Cup’ is one of the most heavily trended topics in pool.

Played on a ‘home and away’ basis, the Mosconi Cup has always attracted big crowds and the last few events have been sold out well in advance. That gives the tournament a unique, boisterous atmosphere that the players love and other international pool events aspire to.

Over the years the Mosconi Cup has developed into pocket billiards premier brand as it goes from strength to strength.