SNG Jackpot Title Fight

Tickets expiry date is as advertised on ticket. All tickets are non-transferable and there is no cash/tournament dollar alternative.


The important stuff

When? Daily

How do I get in?
Buy in directly to any SNG Jackpot Title Fight

What can I win?
Title Fight ticket worth $8.80 - $215

SNG Jackpot Title Fight

Win a Title Fight ticket worth up to $215 from a mere $4 buy-in. Simply outlast just two other players!

Our flagship weekly tournament Title Fight packs a staggering $250,000 guaranteed punch. Title Fight Sit & Go Jackpots allow you to qualify for the $215 event at a fraction of the cost.

The fast-paced Sit & Go format could fast track you directly into the Title Fight. The last player standing will be rewarded with a ticket worth $8.80 - $215.

Title Fight Sit & Go Jackpots are fast-paced with only three players and no bounty!

Here’s the key information:

  • 3 players
  • $4 buy-in
  • No bounty
  • Win a Title Fight ticket worth anything from $8.80 - $215

Check out the table below for a breakdown of the Title Fight Sit & Go Jackpot prizes:

1st prize Frequency (per 1,000,000)
$215 ticket 1,856
$44 ticket 52,764
$8.80 ticket 945,380

Please note that the $8.80 and $22 satellite tickets expire in seven days, but you can cling onto the $215 Title Fight ticket for up to 30 days!

Grab a piece of the $250,000 guaranteed Title Fight prizepool from just $4!

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