Loyalty Store Sale

SALE! 10% off at
the Loyalty Store


There’s a new and improved Loyalty Programme coming this May, and to make way, we’re putting the current Loyalty Store ‘on sale’ to give you better value as we make the transition.

Here’s some of what you can expect from the Loyalty Store sale:

Discounted tickets

Enjoy 10% off all our current tournament ticket offerings. Check out the below table to see some of the great deals that await you:

  Current Ticket Price Discounted Ticket Price
Ticket Name Palladium Gold Silver Bronze Palladium Gold Silver Bronze
$5.50 Jab 185 166
$22 Contender 220 300 600   198 270 540  
$215 Title Fight 1720 1548  
$109 Uppercut 1000 1500 3000   900 1350 2700  
$530 Ticket 4500 7000     4050 6300    

Extended expiry dates

During the sale, you’ll have the chance to buy tickets valued at $109 and $215 with extended expiry dates (from the usual 30 days to 180 days).

More chances to buy cash

Players will have the chance to buy $500 cash twice a week, up from the current once a week.

New items
Tournament Dollars

We’re adding a wide variety of tournament dollars to give you the best value in the partypoker Loyalty Store.

Sit & Go Hero Tickets

You can now get $20 and $100 Sit & Go Hero tickets, with the chance to win $1.1 million!

Click ‘Loyalty Store’ to see full offering of discounted tickets and other Loyalty Store sale benefits.