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Game Of The Month DON-Boom

Here comes
the boomerang, now
double your money


The important stuff

When? Every day this month at 13:45 ET, 15:30 ET and 19:15 ET

How do I get in? Buy in to the tournaments below

What can I win? You’ll get double your buy-in or nothing at all

Who should play? Players looking for a quick game with a new and fun way to play

Have some cheap, fast fun and a poker tactics test by playing our Game of the Month: DON-Boom!

We’ve combined Boomerang revolving blinds and Double or Nothing payouts to make a new and unique game. You’ll need to play tactically and think several blinds ahead to be in the prize winning half of the field!

Find your next DON-Boom! tourney:

Start Date Name Buy-in
Daily 13:45
GOTM - $100 GTD
Daily 15:30
GOTM - $250 GTD
Daily 19:15
GOTM - $50 GTD