Nordic Poker Championships – Terms and conditions

  1. In addition to the standard partypoker terms and conditions, the following applies:
  2. Day 1 stacks are not transferable and will be in play from the start  of the chosen Day 1, this speeds up registration as players can just  walk into the card room and take their seat.
  3. 5% of all Nordic Poker Championship prize pools are retained.
  4. partypoker live reserve the right to make any changes to the event that the company deems necessary.
  5. We cannot guarantee anonymity of players at live events so by playing  the live event you agree to a certain amount of publicity.
  6. Players must make sure they can attend the Nordic Poker Championship  event before playing any satellites or qualifiers. Unfortunately, if you  cannot attend the event we cannot offer a refund and you will be  blinded out.
  7. If you bought in / qualified online and  cash in the tournament, you will receive your winnings via your  partypoker account, no later than 72 hours after the event has finished.

TV (Live Streaming) and General Media Rules:

  1. partypoker LIVE events are often filmed for future TV and/or live streaming productions, by participating in any partypoker LIVE event you also agree that we can use your name, photo or video footage in any way we see fit, and you grant us global image rights to use this material.
  2. Players playing on the TV table agree that we can broadcast their play on a short delay over the Internet, or on TV and create highlights videos and full videos of all play on the table. Players do not have the right to opt out of this coverage.
  3. Players playing on the TV table are required to position their hole cards in such a way that the table can read the cards and display the cards on the steam / video footage, as directed by the Dealer, and / or Floor Staff or Media Team.  Players do not have the right to opt out ensuring their hole cards are read.
  4. Players on the TV table are not permitted to use their mobile devices whilst at the table including phones, tablets and laptops, and any such infringement will result in penalties. We cannot however prevent any players from receiving information from friends watching the stream elsewhere.
  5. The TV table may feature commentary from various people including but not limited to regular commentators and occasional guests. The opinions of the commentators and guests are their own and are not necessarily the opinions of partypoker LIVE.
  6. By playing a partypoker LIVE event, you agree to accept and adhere to these Terms and Conditions, failure to accept or adhere to these Terms and Conditions may result in players being disqualified from the tournament with no refund or financial compensation due.