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Ports and protocols

Ports and protocols

What are ports?

In this case a 'port' refers to 'port numbers'. These are the identification numbers used by computers and the software applications running on them to ensure relevant data is transferred to the right place without causing conflicts.

What ports does partypoker use?

partypoker uses ports 2147 and 443.

What is a protocol?

A protocol is a set of rules designed to allow two computers to communicate with each other.

What protocol does partypoker use?

We use the TCP/IP protocol.

What is an IP address?

An IP address, also known as an 'IP number' or 'IP', is a code that identifies a particular computer on the internet. It is made up of numbers with three dots separating them. Every computer, whether it is a web server or the computer you're using right now, requires an IP address/number to connect to the internet. Your internet service provider (ISP) will assign you either a static IP address (which is always the same) or a dynamic IP address (which changes every time you log on).