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What are Missions?

Missions are a fun new type of challenge where you complete objectives to earn rewards and unlock new Missions. Read more about Missions on our Missions information page.

What rewards do Missions give?

Mission rewards are unique to each Mission and can include all kinds of rewards - bonuses, store points, tournament tickets and vouchers. Browse our Missions to find out what they reward.

Why can I only have 1 Mission active?

Completing Missions can be hard work and require focus. We wouldn't want to strain you by overburdening you with dozens of Missions at one time.

How do I start a Mission?

Open the ‘Missions’ page and find a Mission you'd like to start. Click on it top open its details. In the bottom left of the detailed information page, you will find a ‘Start’ button.

I completed a Mission, where do I collect my reward?

All Mission rewards will be automatically credited to your account.

I started a Mission but I want to change to different one , can I do so?

Yes. Even though you can only have 1 mission active at any one time, you can always pause your current Mission and start a different one. Simply open the Mission you want to pause and click the ‘Pause’ button. NOTE: If you pause a mission which has time-limited objectives, these will be reset.

My current Mission has a time limit, how do I see how much time I have left?

Simply open the Mission details by clicking on your current Mission.

What happens if time runs out on my current Mission objective?

The objective will be restarted as soon as you come back and play again.