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What are Achievements?

Achievements are an extra layer of goals that you can complete to earn virtual trophies and climb in the rankings. Some Achievements may even grant additional rewards. Read more about Achievements on our Achievements information page.

Who else can see my Achievements?

By default, all players' Achievements are visible to others. You can change this by visiting your Profile privacy settings page.

I see some players have earned achievements that are not shown in my list, why is that?

This can happen in two cases:,

  • Some achievements are hidden. We call these Easter Eggs. Can you discover them all?
  • ,
  • Due to regulatory requirements, some Achievements may not be available to all players. Sorry about that.
  • I never got an Achievement even though I did everything required.

    Make sure you have in fact completed all the requirements of the Achievement by reviewing the full terms & conditions for Achievements