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Another Sunday has been and gone and that means another partypoker player has woken up on Monday morning with over $44,000 more than they started with on Sunday. How is that possible? Because every Sunday someone wins the $200K Guaranteed Sunday, which usually pays out in excess of $44,000 to its champion.

This week’s winner, Ifchiks, walked away with $44,928.00 and a brand new PlayStation 4. Once again the $200,000 guarantee was eclipsed as 1,152 players exchanged $215 for the chance to win the flagship tournament at partypoker. These 1,152 hopefuls created a prize pool of $230,400, with the lion’s share of that vast sum of cash being reserved for the player at the final table. That final table was set at 04:40 a.m on Monday mornings, with the players lining up as follows:

$200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Seat Draw

Seat Player Chips
1 BringCabbage 175,782
2 Salow77 951,019
3 swaymyway3113 530,442
4 OneOneThree 582,202
5 NutsKillUrself 917,870
6 Ifchiks 376,097
7 Accissa 351,436
8 n0limits 493,616
9 OTTfortyFREE 485,050
10 StoneHeat2 876,486

Only seven hands had passed at the final table before a player busted. n0limits min-raised to 50,000 from the cutoff only to see StoneHeat2 three-bet all in from the small blind for 886,986. BringCabbage was in the big blind and down to only 136,282 and opted to call off those chips with what turned out to be . N0limits folded and StoneHeat2 took back his extra chips and turned over . By the river the board read and BringCabbage was eliminated.

Another 22 hands went by without an elimination before Salow77 was sent to the sidelines. Salow77 was down to 51,232 chips at the 15,000/30,000/3,000a and put this at risk from middle position holding . This allin bet was called by both Ifchiks (small blind) and Accissa (big blind). The flop fell and Ifchiks bet 30,000, which folded out his only active opponent. Ifchiks showed for a pair of jacks and when the turn and river fell and it was game over for Salow77.

n0limits is no more!

Almost immediately after Salow77’s departure, n0limits crashed out to leave seven players in contention. The action folded to n0limits in the cutoff and he quickly moved all in for 383,216 or 12 big blinds. Next to act, on the button, was OTTfortyFREE who isolated the all-in player with an all-in bet of his own. Once the blinds folded, the cards were revealed; n0limits held and OTTfortyFREE the . The flop left n0limits drawing to running sevens, which meant when the appeared on the turn he was drawing dead. Ironically, the peeled off on the river, but it was too little too late and n0limits crashed out.

Accissa was the next casualty of the final table and it was the eventual champion Ifchiks who busted him. swaymyway3113 started the betting with a min-raise to 0,000 from late position, a bet that was initially called by Ifchiks in the small blind then squeezed all-in for 322,640 in the big blind by Accissa. The original raiser got out of the way and Ifchiks called, showing as he did so. Accissa held and was slightly ahead preflop, but by the river Ifchiks had improved to a flush as the five community cards ran out .

OTTfortyFREE Sent to the rail

Next to bust was OTTfortyFREE who a few hands early ran his pocket eights into swaymyway3113’s aces and never managed to fully recover. OTTfortyFREE’s demise was complete when swaymyway3113 opened to 80,000 in the hijack and then called as OTTfortyFREE moved all in for 399,668 in total from the big blind. OTTfortyFREE’s tournament life was pinned on the and he needed to hit the board as swaymyway3113 had the in his hand. The flop improved swaymyway3113 to a pair of jacks, but also gave OTTfortyFREE outs to an straight. The turn and river failed to alter the course of the hand and OTTfortyFREE exited in sixth place.

With the minimum prize now set at $10,483.20 and each player being only four eliminations away from the $44,928 first place prize, the eliminations slowed down. Some 35 hands were played before the seemingly unstoppable swaymyway3113 opened to 100,000 from the cutoff with pocket queens and then called when OneOneThree three-bet jammed for 917,343 from the button. The board did not improve either player’s hand, OneOneThree being eliminated in fifth place and swaymyway3113 climbing to almost 2 million chips.

swaymyway3113 continues to dominate.

Four became three when swaymyway3113 claimed another scalp. Swaymyway3113 min-raised to 100,000 from the button and had the easiest of calls to make when NutsKillUrself moved all in from the small blind for only 122,338 in total. NutsKillUrself showed and was trailing significantly to the dominating of swaymyway3113. The five community cards ran out and the tournament was down to three players.

Heads-up was set on the very next hand when a huge pot went the way of Ifchiks. Swaymyway3113 opened to 100,000 on the button and Ifchicks flat-called in the small blind seat. StoneHeat2 decided that the best way to play his was to move all in for 1,032,456 in total and usually that move would have worked, but not this time. Swaymyway3113 got out of the way and Ifchiks called with his . Ifchiks was a 64% favourite to win the hand and this increased to 86% on the flop. The turn was of no help to StoneHeat2, and neither was the river.

That last pot saw Ifchiks’ stack swell to 3,363,021 meaning he held a solid lead over the 2,311,979 stack of swaymyway3113. Heads up was a short yet explosive affair that ended when Ifchiks set the price to play at 120,000 and then called when swaymyway3113 shipped in his 1,041,178 stack. Ifchiks flipped the onto its back and was ahead of the of his opponent. An ace on the flop left swaymyway3113 drawing thin, too thin because he never caught up and that meant Ifchiks had won the November 10 edition of the $200K Guaranteed Sunday.

$200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Results

Rank Player Prize
1st Ifchiks $44,928.00
2nd swaymyway3113 $23,846.40
3rd StoneHeat2 $15,091.20
4th NutsKillUrself $12,787.20
5th OneOneThree $10,483.20
6th OTTfortyFREE $8,179.20
7th Accissa $5,857.20
8th n0limits $3,801.60
9th Salow77 $2,649.60
10th BringCabbage $2,073.60

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