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Poker is a fantastic game that is even more fun when played with friends. Now playing at partypoker with your friends can be lucrative because of our new Refer-A-Friend programme.

Refer-A-Friend has landed and you’re going to love it, or at least your bankroll will. We’ll pay you for every player you help join partypoker. It’s as simple as that. You’ll receive a percentage of their cashback each week, up to $500 per player, if they signed up to partypoker via your unique Refer-A-Friend link.

How Refer-A-Friend Works

Refer-A-Friend rewards you for bringing your friends to partypoker. Perhaps you have a large number of Twitter followers, or have a big following on Twitch? It doesn’t matter if you refer one friend or 100 friends, show them the joys of partypoker and you’ll receive a share of their rake.

You’ll be given a unique URL that is used to track referred players to you. Give this URL to the person you want to refer and get them to sign up to partypoker. They need to create their free partypoker account, make a deposit, and play real money games for the Refer-A-Friend process to begin.

Your referred friend can play any real-money game they wish, be that cash games, fastforward, SPINS, SNG, or tournaments. Their play earns you money and doesn’t negatively affect what cashback rewards, leaderboard payments etc they go on to receive.

How Much Can I Earn From Refer-A-Friend?

When your friends start playing real money poker games at partypoker, you’ll receive 5% of their Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR). However, we’ll give you 10% of their GGR for the first four weeks Refer-A-Friend is active, so get referring friends now!

There are some caps to be aware of. $500 is the most you can earn per player per week with a weekly referrer cap of $2,500 per week also being in place. The most you can earn per referred player is $10,000 over the lifetime of their account. $50,000 is the maximum you can earn from the Refer-A-Friend programme regardless of how many friends you refer.

Please be aware that players from the United Kingdom are able to contribute to another player’s cashback but are unable to build or claim any cashback by inviting their own friends.

Key Refer-A-Friend Terms and Conditions

These are the key Refer-A-Friend terms and conditions you need to be aware of. Check out the official Refer-A-Friend page for full T&Cs.

  • Referrers receive 10% GGR during Weeks 1-4 of the Refer-A-Friend programme
  • 5% GGR is paid from Week 5 onwards
  • A $500 weekly and $10,000 lifetime cap is in place for each referred player
  • $2,500 is the most any referrer can earn in any given week, regardless of number of referrals
  • The total cap on earnings, regardless of the number of referrals, is $50,000
  • Please note: players from the United Kingdom are able to contribute to another player’s cashback but are unable to build or claim any cashback by inviting their own friends
  • The Referrer/referral mapping becomes disassociated if either of you do not play any real money poker for 60-days
  • Any suspicious behaviour will not be tolerated and will be dealt with severely, including but limited to the confiscation of Refer-A-Friend earnings
  • partypoker reserves the right to amend or cancel the Refer-a-Friend programme at any time

Ready to join the party?

If you’re ready to jump into the action, then click here to download partypoker and get started!

If you already have an account with us, click here to open partypoker and hit the tables!


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