Vive la difference!

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I’ve been playing poker at the Aviation Club in Paris for the last week.

I busted out on day 2 of the 1k Silver EFOP event in 17th or 18th place which was in the money and tantalisingly close to the bigger payouts.

It was a tough event in some respects. I’m not exactly well known for being a night owl so any poker tournament that doesn’t even start until 8pm is going to be tough for me.

The idea of playing until the wee hours and then having to come back with a small stack didn’t appeal to me which meant that I grew very used to saying the phrase ‘Tapis!’ which is French for ‘all in,’ in my attempt to go big or go home.

Sometimes in poker though, this just isn’t in your hands. I’d win one against a bigger stack, lose one against a smaller and stay hovering right around the same amount. Frustrating

Day 1

Our Day 1 ended up going an extra level (I have no idea why although I’m sure they explained it at length in French) so we didn’t even finish until 5am. That is not a time that I see often from the back end. Right at the end of the day, I lost a flip to Elky’s girlfriend. I really like Cathy and was glad to see her at my table but was less than happy to shovel most of my chips her way. It was such a standard spot though and we both made Day 2.

Day 2 – Bubble day

I began Day 2 with about (~21k) 9bb and as we were still 16 players away from the money, I wasn’t expecting much. It was my day though! I said ‘Tapis!’ five times in the first hour and managed to build up to 70k. I changed tables quite a few times and then ended up on the bubble, sat beside the lovely Remy Biechel. We’ve known each other for a few years and although we struggle with his English and my French, I love being able to chat to him. Mostly, we just smile at each other as he has one of the happiest smiles around. Sadly, he was the bubble boy so it was a short conversation with fewer smiles.

Once the bubble finally burst, everyone was quite short stacked. I was trying to find good spots for my stack and was involved in quite a few pots which meant my stack was fluctuating wildly. I lost a couple of flips and then got my last 15bb involved with A7 against an opponents A10 and that was it for me.

And on to the 2k Event

It was a hell of a lot of fun though and I’m really looking forward to getting into the 2k event tomorrow. I was incredibly grumpy at 5am this morning when I stomped back to the hotel thinking about Day 2 with 9bbs, but I’m glad I didn’t give up. It feels good to get a cash under my belt early in 2012!

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