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Time to relax

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After a month on the road, there is nothing better than that first night of sleep in your own comfy bed. Bliss!

I had a fantastic time in Europe but 6 weeks of down time before the madness of the World Series of Poker will be much appreciated. The weather is turning really lovely here in Santa Barbara and I’m going to be fitting as many BBQs in as humanly possible before June.

I’m going to miss playing poker though so maybe I’ll be heading down to the Chumash Casino to get some hands in pre WSOP.

Sorry for being off the radar lately. After a crazy month traveling though Europe I took some time out to reconnect with my family in Canada. It’s been a really good holiday but I think I may have put on about 50lbs through the big family meals!

Now you might think that your family takes the award for this but you’d be wrong. My mother is absolutely the best cook ever. Best. Cook. Ever.

I’ve been constantly surrounded by homemade cookies, cakes, ice-creams, freshly made pasta (my Mom is Italian and her recipes go back to her Nonna so they are legit). When you couple all of that food with a complete lack of exercise, you arrive at the place where I am right now. A fat, happy couch potato!

Board and card games are big in my family so we’ve spent hours determining who really IS the Lord of all Catan or Chinese Poker Master. It’s been a complete holiday and my brain feels properly relaxed and happy. Just in time to start preparing for the WSOP!

Hopefully wherever you are, you’re enjoying some lovely Spring weather as well!