Kara Scott reports on the WPT National Series Cannes

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It’s hard to dislike being in the French Riviera. It’s sunny and warm and La Croisette is buzzing with all kinds of people. Add cashing in a poker tournament to that and it’s a recipe for a great week.

Viva La WPT Cannes!

Last week I was in Cannes playing the WPT National Series. It had been a few years since I was in that part of the world – funnily enough, the first time I was ever in Cannes was for a backgammon tournament – and I always find it interesting to see how places have changed since my last visit. The tournament itself was very well run and the people were a lot of fun. As a smaller buying event (1650 Euros) it was right up my street plus they really didn’t compromise on the structure. There was plenty of play and that is particularly fun when sitting at a poker table in this part of the world. Playing in France seems to really suit my style and thankfully, this led to a nice little cash for me.

Slow Start…

After kind of a slow start early on Day 1, I managed to pick up some momentum and finished the day in the top 15% of chipstacks. Day 2 started out blindingly well for me as I took the strong side of a couple of flips in the first few hands and managed to knock a couple of players out, taking my stack up to nearly 3x the average. The bubble wasn’t as kind to me as I managed to blow a large part of my stack on a big bluff but I picked up again once we were all in the money. We were down to 4 tables pretty quickly and I was starting to taste a FT in my future when I lost a very big pot with TT v 88, all in pre flop where my opponent hit a four flush against me. Ouch. With only 12bb, I stuck my stack in the middle again and again (with my favourite french word ‘tapis’) until I ran into KK with my 55 and that was it for me. I busted in 28th place. Damn.

Next stop Vegas!

Still, I had a lot of fun. Playing that tournament was a good warm up for the WSOP. I’ll be getting to Vegas on the 15th to start playing there for a couple of weeks and it’s nice to head in with a cash, no matter how small.