Kara Scott is 'Back in Cali' after a long few weeks out on the poker road!

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Back home

After a few weeks on the road, it is great to get back home to Santa Barbara. I ended up sitting next to a famous American TV show host on the plane from Austria to LAX, although given my atrocious lack of knowledge about American pop culture due to the many years I spent living in England, I blithely assumed he was in a band or something. I could tell that he was famous though, as those people do seem to have something sparkly about them, as well as really impressive dental work. He was surprisingly friendly and very good company and in good humour, he let me prattle away at him for hours. He was pretty much the best seat-mate ever; supplying gum, trail mix and technical help whenever he saw me wrestling to try to make my seat or tv screen work. I also managed to drop my phone on his foot no less than 3 times. Yes. I was that person. I promised him a thank you in my not-yet-written memoirs and he seemed bemused.


I can’t even blame Ambien for my somewhat annoying behaviour on this flight. I think it was simply a matter of having reached the absolute limits of my energy. I was dog tired. After a really intense few weeks of work, I was so tunnel-vision focussed on getting home that I was doing a pretty good imitation of Godzilla destroying a city in it’s single-minded pursuit of a goal.

And it is good to be home. I’ve got 3 weeks here and then I’m back on the road pretty much until August so I’m doing my best to enjoy it and spend as much time as I can with my friends. Somehow I also seem to be doing a lot of babysitting right now. I like watching my friend’s kids and all but I’m always shocked that they’d trust me. Lets be honest, I don’t even have a houseplant! Brave people…