Kara Scott beats sports stars to £20,000 title

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Kara Scott has won the PartyPoker.com Sports Stars Challenge III. The 32-year-old television presenter from Brighton, UK, won £20,000 and triumphed at a final table that included darts sensation Wayne Mardle, snooker legend Steve Davis, former England cricket seamer Gladstone Small, Wakefield rugby league hooker Brad Drew and Manchester United football legend Norman Whiteside.

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“This is just simply fantastic,” said Kara, who like recent Premier League winner Andy Black was overwhelmed with emotion when the moment sunk in. “I did fancy my chances at the final table but knew there would be some tough opponents. Steve Davis had to be the favourite at the start and I’m just so happy that I came out on top in my skirmishes with him. I’ve played with him a number of times before and he’s always won. Early in the heat I was sure he was pushing me around so I knew I had to get more aggressive and it worked!”

Kara is originally from Northern Alberta, Canada, but came to the UK in 1999 and is a poker and kickboxing television presenter. “I’m going to use the money as a bankroll,” she said, “but I will also buy a few pairs of shoes!”

First out on the final table was darts star Wayne Mardle, whose pocket eights were cracked By Gladstone Small’s A-K when a king came on the turn. Out fifth was Aussie rugby league star Brad Drew, who failed to hit anything on the board with his 7-8 suited all-in against Norman Whiteside’s pocket tens.

This left four players with almost identical stacks but Scott turned up the heat on her opponents, dominating the table. Steve Davis was very short-stacked and had to continually push in his quest to double-up. After going all-in with 10-5 suited, it was an easy call for Small with K-2 suited, who was also very short stacked.

Scott, however, happened to have K-J with one club and called as well. The flop was good for Davis, with 5h, 6c and Ac as he was ahead with a pair of fives. However, a club on the turn and river gave Scott the flush and busted Davis in fourth and Small in third.

This left Scott heads-up against Norman Whiteside, whose game has greatly improved in recent years and who has come on leaps and bounds in his performances at Matchroom Sport and PartyPoker.com events. Scott held a significant lead, however, holding £25,600 compared to Whiteside’s £10,400. It wasn’t long before she disposed of her rival, however, as Whiteside went all-in with K-8 off suit.

Kara called with ace A-4 off suit and nothing came on the board stop her victory. It was the first win and first final table appearance by a woman in the PartyPoker.com Sports Stars Challenge.


A PartyPoker.com spokesman said: “Kara’s reputation on the poker scene continues to rise and rise, she’s on a bit of a roll. Last year, she made the final table of the Women’s World Open and impressed there with her aggressive game. It’s obvious that this win means a lot to her and she deserves it.”

Eddie Hearn, Head of Online Gaming at Matchroom Sport said: “This year a presenter won, last year it was a snooker world champion and the year before it was a former rugby union international. It was a fantastic event but these footballers need to up their game!”

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1st Kara Scott (Presenter)
2nd Norman Whiteside (Football)
3rd Gladstone Small (Cricket)
4th Steve Davis (Snooker)
5th Brad Drew (Rugby League)
6th Wayne Mardle (Darts)