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Kara Scott: Another Day in the Bag

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Quite literally really, as I shovelled my remaining tournament chips into the plastic bag and sealed them up for the dealer.

I’m through to day 3 with 62k in chips. Not bad when I think that it represents 62 big blinds. Less good however, when I think about the 150k chips I had only an hour or so before we finished the day. Sigh.

Great position to capitalise

I ended up involved in a large pot with a very loose aggressive player.

He was playing the majority of his hands every orbit and had a propensity for barreling off very light.

I had a great position to capitalise on these tendencies but sadly, I called down to the river in a 150k+ pot to find that he had me out-pipped by one, with the winning hand. Gutting.

If I could go back, I don’t think I’d play it any differently against that player so I guess I just wish that I’d been 5 minutes late coming back from dinner and missed the situation altogether!

Very aggressively mixing it up

I had a great day otherwise though. I think I played on 5 different tables as I kept being moved just slightly farther into the sections that were being broken. The standard of play at my tables was definitely higher than I’d seen before and there were quite a few players who were very aggressively mixing it up.

One really nice thing about today was how many people came up to me either at the table or during the breaks to say hello. I really do love meeting people and it’s always so gratifying to have people say they’ve watched me on TV and like my work. It really makes my day!

And another good thing about the day… the Party Poker lounge. It’s FANTASTIC to have somewhere to hide away during the tournament breaks where I can grab a coffee and something for my sweet tooth without having to wait in a huge line. Thanks guys – you do an awesome job in there.

We have a day off Sunday and then Monday starts at noon for Day 3. It’s kind of unbelievable to be getting another run at the Main Event of the World Series of Poker. Who knows, maybe I can make it a third consecutive year cashing! I’ll do my best and let you know how I get on.