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How to become a sponsored poker player

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PartyPoker blog reader Philip asked Mike Sexton:

I have been playing poker now for 6 years online, in local casino and with friends frequently. My friends say I am a very good player but playing live in the casino I have a bit more to learn. I played an exclusive tournament about 2 years ago which I was invited to and came 5th with a field of pros. I would love to play as a pro but do not have the bankroll. How would you suggest would be the best way to achieve sponsorship?

Mike Sexton’s response to Philip:

Dear Philip,

Many players have the same desire as you but getting sponsorship is another matter. First, to be successful, you must become a consistent winner playing poker. Work hard but don’t rush things in terms of playing outside your bankroll. As you get better (and make more money), you should gradually move up in limits.

Once you’re a proven winner, put yourself in small or medium buy-in events and then discuss sponsorsorship possibilities with someone who has a lot of respect for your game and ask them to take a piece of you (or stake you) in a number of bigger buy-in tournaments. If and when you then make some wins in big events, online sites may then pursue you for representation and sponsor you. It can be done, but it’s not easy.

I have a plaque in my office that reads, “Those who achieve success are those who take a dream and make it come true.” All the best in fulfilling your dreams.

Mike Sexton